Chapter 4

The left and right part dominating: a female figures on each side, looking at each other, HELVETIA RIGHT, uncolored clothing

Die linke und rechte Seite dominieren das Bild, zwei einander anschauende weibliche Figuren, RECHTS HELVETIA, ungefärbtes Gewand

Used by PVF

Spielwerke / music boxes

Blue small size copy for Thorens:

Links Lyraspielerin, Gewand farblos,
rechts Helvetia rechts

Left: Lyra playing woman left, clothes without color,
Helvetia on the right


DORDRECHT, 11te: Mandolinata,
[1] Sublime Harmonie Piccolo Zither,
[2] Drum and Bells,
[3] 8 airs,
[4] 10 airs,
[5] Weidlingau,
[6] Patented 1879,
[7] Bells in sight,
[8] Zither Harmonique Piccolo,
[9] Mandolinata,
[10] Piccolo Zither,
[11] 6 airs,
[12] Dealer: Campbell, Glasgow,
[13] Piccolo Zither,
[14] 6 airs,
[15] Expressive Sublime Harmonie,
[16] Bells,
[17] (Auld lang syne),
[18] 1st: Le Chalet,
[19] 6 airs,
[20] 1st: Carmen; 2nd: Stephanie,
[21] Columbia, 1st: Belle of Chicago,
[22] Evening song,
[24] 1st: Roy´s wite of ..., Style 711, 6 airs,
[25] Sublime Harmonie ,
[26] Sublime Harmonie Octavo,
[27] 3rd: White wings,
[28] 10 airs,
[29] J. Craeye ,
[30] Piccolo - Zither,
[31] 1st: Auld lang syne, 2nd: Home sweet home, 4th: Mikado,
[32] Mandoline, 1st: Marche,
[33] Sublime Harmonie,
[34] 1st: Old folks at home; 6th: Aïda (Verdi),
[35] 1st: Mandolina,
[36] Mandoline Expressiv Quatour,
[37] 6 airs,
[38] 1st: Mandolinata; 6th: Die letzten Glueckstunden,
[39] 1st: Glory; 2nd: Way Down, 3rd: Maiden with the Drcammy...,
[40] 1st: Cadets,
[41] Orchestre,
[42] Mandoline Harpe Zither,
[43] Columbia,
[44] Remake of parts of this tune sheet,
[45] Boccaccio,
[46] Sublime Harmonie Harpe Zither, russ. Nationalhymne,
[47] 2nd: Hail Columbia, 3rd: Red. White and Blue,
[48] C. Paillard, interchangeable,
[49] 1st: Peek. a. Boo! 2nd: Maggie Murphy´s home, 4th: Gasparone, 5th: Carmen,
[50] No s/n, 1st: God save the Queen, 2nd: Home Sweet Home, 3rd: The Sea is Englands Glory,
[51] No s/n, 1st: Peek. a. Boo! 2nd: Maggie Murphy´s home, 4th: Gasparone,
[52] No s/n. Interc 6 organ, 24 notes,
[53] No s/n. Keswickianismus,
[54] No s/n. Piccolo Zither,
[54b] No s/n. Piccolo Zither, 1st: Estudiantina,
[55] No s/n. 1st: Mandolinata, 2nd: La Coquette (Funko),

[56] No s/n. Mandoline Tremolo Zither,
[57] No s/n. Mandoline Tremolo Zither,
[58] 1st: Bettelstudent, 3rd: Le Petit Duc, 6th: Fatinitza, 10th: Boccaccio,

Interchangeable Cyl. Sublime Harmonie No. 78, 1st: Semiramide, N° 224, N° 226, 1st: Patente Jongens,
N° 228, 3rd: Erminie,

N° 550, 3rd: Carmen, N° 590, 1st: America, N° 622, 1st: Ave Maria, N° 627, 6th: Raff, Leonore, N° 668, 1st: Home sweet home, N° 671, 1st: Blue Alasatien..., 2nd: Bonnie sweet,

N° 2699 Expressive Sublime Harmonie,
N° 3207, 1st: Officer of the Day, N° 3209, 6te: Mississippi,
N° 3993 Sublime Harmonie, Interchangeable Cyl. Sublime Harmonie No. 66, Interchangeable Cyl. Sublime Harmonie No. 111, Interchangeable Cyl. Sublime Harmonie No. 130,
4784, 1st: Le chalet (Adam), 2nd: Aida (Verdi), N° 4845 Zither Harmonique Piccolo,
N° 6611 Sublime Harmonie Trémolo Zither,
N° 6691 12te: Baccacio Valse, N° 6698 Zither-Automatique, Mandoline Expressive,
N° 6841 Mandoline Piccolo, 6 airs,
N° 6846, 8th: Clockes de Cornoille,
N° 7410 Timbres en Vue, 12 airs, N° 7826 Zither Harmonigue Piccolo,1st: Martha, N° 8022 Full Orchestra, 48 airs,

N° 11477, 6th: Aurora, N° 11837, 1st: Wedding March, N° 13217, 3rd: Maritana, N° 13311 Quatuor, N° 14996 Sublime Harmonie, N° 15329 Zither Harmonie Piccolo, 6 airs, N° 15793: Timbres en Vue, 3rd: Blue Bells of Scotland, N° 17112 Zither Harmonique Piccolo, N° 19438 Mandoline Zither, N° 19569 Bells in sight, N° 19720, N° 19932 Bells in Sight,

N° 21318, 3rd: Every day and Home, N° 22052 Piccolo Zither, N° 23116 Concertino Zither, N° 23167, 1st: The Studend, 3nd: Sweet violets, N° 25677, N° 26257, Tremolo Zither, 3rd: Trovatore, 7th: Carmen, N° 26508, 5th: Peek Boo, 6th: Blue Danube, N° 26662, 1st: Last rose, N° 27618, 7te: Sweet violets, N° 27907 Piccolo- Zither, N° 28025, 5te: Home sweet home, N° 28088, 3rd: Mocking bird, N° 28542, 6th: Boccacio, N° 28668, 3rd: Sweet violets,
N° 31276, 1st: Carmen, 2nd: Home Sweet home, N° 31389, 2nd: Leek a Boo, 5th: Mikado, N° 32882 Mikado, N° 34224 Sublime Harmonie, N° 35062, 4th: Mikado, N° 35677: Tremolo Zither, 1st: Barber of Sevilla Rossini,3rd: Lucia Donizetti, N° 36284 Piccolo Zither, 1st: Bocaccio, 2nd: Wien über alles, 5th: Faust, 6th: Mikado, N° 37820, 6th: Nanon, N° 38455, N° 38514, N° 38746, N° 39132, N° 39995, 6th: Sweet by and by,
N° 40288 Sublime Harmonie Tremolo Zither, N° 40336, 1st: When the little stars, N° 41741 Piccolo ZIther, N° 41992 Sublime Harmonie Piccolo Zither, N° 42075 Piccolo Zither, N° 42250, 3rd: Mikado, N° 42558, 1st: Mascotte, 3rd: Excelsior, N° 42638, 1st: A dream of Love, N° 43603 Bells Drum & Castanets in Sight, N° 43759, 1st: Mikado, 2nd: All for you, N° 44270 White wings sony, Secret Love Resch, N° 44435, 1st: Call me back, 2nd: The golden Wedding (Bland), N° 44505 Secret Love, N° 44571 Sublime Harmonie, N° 44730 Sublime Harmonie, N° 44741 Mandoline Expressive Zither, N° 45308, 1 st: Secret Love (Gavotte),
N° 46167 Sublime Harmonie Piccolo Zither,
N° 46325, 1st:White wings,
N° 47118 Tremolo Zither,
N° 47415, Sublime Harmonie, 1st: Lucie, 3rd: Erminie,
N° 48061, 3rd: Faust, N° 48264, 1st: Some Day, 3rd: Boccaccio, N° 48333, 2nd: Mascotte, N° 48863, 1st: The Wedding, 2nd: Stephanie, 4th: Mikado, 7th: Boccaccio, N° 49341 The Bellmann, N° 49793 Piccolo Zither, N° 49798, 1st: Gasparone, N° 49960 Secret (Love Resch), N° 49996, 1st: Beggar Student, 7th: Mikado,

N° 50450, 2nd: Aida Verdi , N° 51212, 1st: Aida, N° 51960 Guitare Zither, N° 52654, 1st: Mikado, N° 52740, 2nd: Wedding Mendelssohn, N° 53345 Guitare Zither, 1st: Barber of Sevilla (Rossini), N° 53450 (?), 1st: Mikado, N° 53629 Sichtbare (Trommel Glocken "Castagnetten"), N° 53809, 1st: Blue bells of Scotland, 4th: Mikado, N° 54630, 3rd: Mandolina, 4te: Boccacio, N° 54707 Blue bells of Scotland, N° 55716, N° 56218 Mandoline Expressive, N° 56346, 1st: Happy new Year, 4th: Trovatore, 5th: Happy birds., 7th. Mikado, N° 57385 Tremolo Zither, N° 58934, 3rd: Mandolinata Paladilhe, N° 59144 Bells in sight,

N° 60007, 1st: The Gondoliers, 6th: Mikado, 8th: Boccacio, N° 60860, Piccolo Zither, N° 60945, 5th: Gavottefacile, N° 61921: Sublime Piccolo Zither, 5th: Carmen, N° 62039 Drum Bells in sight, N° 62247, 1st: Beggar Student, 12th: Espana, N° 62509 Piccolo Zither, 4th: Lucie, N° 62927, 1st: The Gondoliers,
N° 64261 Sublimette Piccolo Zither®, N° 64716 Tremolo Zither, N° 65685, 1st: The Gondoliers, 2nd: Erminie, N° 66033, 3rd: Stephanie, N° 66784 Sublimette Piccolo Zither, N° 69330 Boccaccio, N° 69547 Sublime Harmonie, 2nd: Mascot (Audran), 5th: Carmen,

N° 70706: Mandoline, 3rd: Carnival of Venice; 5th: The Wedding March, N° 70751 Sublime Harmonie Soprano, N° 70885 Hublimette Forte Piccolo,, N° 71005: Sublime Harmonie, Piccolo Zither, Trimolo Zither, N° 72165, N° 72352, 4th: Wedding, 5th: Mascot, N° 73634, 5th: Brookling, N° 74079 Columbia, 2nd: Princess Ida, N° 74116 Columbia, N° 74545 Mandoline, N° 74869 Columbia, N° 75255 Sublimette Piccolo Zither, 1st: Carmen, 8th: Rigolette,

N° 75804 Columbia Mandoline Zither, N° 75909 Columbia, N° 76992: Columbia, N° 77333: Columbia, N° 77797 Columbia, N° 77885: Columbia, 1st: Stephanie, 7th: Peek a Boo!, N° 78469 Columbia, 1st: Carmen, 2nd: Aida, N° 79457: Columbia, N° 79671 Columbia,

N° 80001 Columbia, N° 81608: Columbia, N° 82792 Columbia, N° 82818 Columbia, N° 83314 Columbia, N° 84292: Columbia, 3rd: Robin Hood, N° 84796 Forte Piccolo, N° 87791 Piccolo Zither, N° 88615 Sublime Harmonie Soprano,

No s/n [100000-1] BP Cole (1), No s/n [100000-2] (BP Cole (2) (Interchangeable 5 Cyl.), N° 109253,
N° 110583, 12 airs,
N°111462 Fortissimo Zither,
N°113376, 2nd: Hello! ma Baby, N°116012, 1st: Aida Verdi,

N°117455, 12 airs, N°120068, 1st: АХЪ ОСТАВЬТЕ НЕ ЛУК'АВЬТЕ, 2nd:Stephanie (Gavotte), N°125008 Mister Dooley, N°125076, 1st: Chocolate Drops, N°125854, N°126318 Sublime Harmonie, 1st: Aida, N°127424, 8th: Carmen, N°127959, 1st: Chocolate Drops, N°128053, N°128365, 2 nd: Carmen