National Exhibition in Zürich 1883

Mitglied der Jury: Ami Lecoultre, ein Spielwerkmacher der zu diesem Zeitpunkt in Lausanne tätig war

Teilnehmer / Participants:

Bornand-Perrier: specializing in small music boxes, one to eight tunes

Jules Cuendet, music box manufacturer

Alix Gueissaz: diploma of honor for resonance and workmanship in music boxes

J.-C. Jaccard du Grand: diploma for workmanship and magnificence of music boxes

Edouard Jaccard: diploma for delicate and perfect workmanship and precise musical reproduction

E. Paillard & Cie: diploma for importance of display, brilliant workmanship, force and resonance of music box combs

Ami Margot: diploma for purity and beauty of sound, fine workmanship of his music boxes

Henri Martin: handcrank music boxes, round enamelled metal boxes with one tune 76 mm; wood and enamelled boxes from one to six tunes

Mermod Frères: diploma for mechanical excellence, artful use and excellent effect of music box accessory instruments

The other exhibitors of music boxes were:

F. Conchon and Langdorff & Fils from Geneva,

J.-H. Heller (and another Link to Heller) from Bern, S. Karrer and E. Karrer-Hoffman from Teufenthal,

who were all awarded diplomas.

Teilnehmer: Emile Bornand-Perrier, Fèlix Junod

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