François Conchon (*1837, 1874 – 1898, †1913)

Firma „Star Works“

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Place des Alpes 9, and rue des Paquis 2, Geneva. Germain traces François Michel Conchon back to France where he was born c. 1837. He married in Geneva in 1869 and was listed for the first time as a musical-box manufacturer in 1874. By about 1878 he claimed to employ annually fifty workers and to produce all the parts of his musical boxes in his workshops `to reduce their cost´. The business ceased on 27 May 1898 and Conchon died in February 1913. Made good-class musical boxes and some excellent three and four-comb pieces.

Later Conchon produced helicoidal movements under the style name `A L´Étoile´ and at this time his trademark was a five-pointed star interlaced with a lyre. A Conchon helicoidal, the cylinder making six revolutions before backing away from the comb, is in the Guiness collection, New York.
(Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 299)

His trademark, stamped on the endless cock, was two ovals arranged like a butterfly´s wings, the left one carrying `F.C.L.´ and the right a musical lyre with three dots between the ovals. / Trademark was a five-pointed star interlaced with a lyre. (Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 299)

10/5: •RoBelDonAubMeyer – HerWeSLanLab•

Spielwerk: Nr. 6822

12/3: •BelMoRoWeMeyerFlot-VerDonSLabGSch•

Spielwerke: 3946 (und bitte danach weiterklicken / and please click on the arrow to the right)

16/1a: •BelMoRoWeAubHalWagPlanq – BoïeDonAdamOffVerFlotSullLec•

Spielwerk: Nr. 4321

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François Conchon

Der Spielwerkproduzent François Conchon, erstmals in Genf gelistet 1874, nach Bulleid tätig bereits ab etwa 1861, Jahresproduktion etwa 400 Werke, ab 1895 Blechplatten statt der bisher üblichen Walzen, bis zur Auflösung der Firma im Jahr 1898


Beginn der Produktion des 24-jährigen François Conchon


Werknummer ~4000


Werknummer 5000


Werknummer 6000


Werknummer 7000


Kompliziertes Werk: Werknummer 8258 spiralförmige Bestiftung, spielt 6 Musikstücke ohne Unterbrechung (TMB 16, S. 199)


Werknummer 8000


Werknummer 9000


Ende der Produktion Werknummer: <10000

(Bulleid 3rd Suppl., Chart 4, p. 51)

Teilnehmer bei der Nationalen Ausstellung in Zürich 1883

Die Firma François Conchon war zeitweise Visavisnachbar der Firma Ami Rivenc.

Spieldose mit Röhrenglocken

Verwendete in einem undatierten Werk auch Röhrenglocken. Zitat Antiquitätengeschäft Rau: The piece ingeniously allows for continuous play by means of a release attached to one of the arbor supports, while a dial on the left indicates which air is currently being played. The inclusion of twelve tubular bells adds depth and richness to the melodious sound produced by this mechanical music masterpiece. Also, thanks to a pair of zithers, the box is able to achieve a pizzicato, or plucked string effect, adding a layer of diversity to the box's overall sound. An incredible effort was clearly made to reproduce such expressive musical nuances. A very similar box was displayed by F. Conchon at the Swiss National Exhibition of 1896 in Geneva.

Sorgfältige Verarbeitung einer nicht nummerierten Spieldose ohne tune theet: Vernickelte Teile

Nickel finish components along with the blued steel bolts that secure the sublime harmony pair of comb. The already fancy adorned zithers with cast relief lyre decoration have plates beneath with neat looking clustered stars

Bulleid, Technology, p. 1