Henri Daniel Capt

Capt, Jeanne Antoine, Geneva, circa 1760-1773.
Capt, Freundler, Geneva, circa 1790-1829.
Capt, Henri Daniel, Geneva, 1802 – 1811. In firm with Isaac Daniel Piguet.
Capt de la Falconniere, C., Geneva, early 19th Century.
(Mosoriak p. 73)

Capt, Henri Daniel, Geneva, c. 1802 – 1850. Very fine quality musical snuff-boxes and musical watches. Among the earliest manufacturers to adopt a single-piece comb. Also made some large overture boxes, c. 1840-50. Was associated with Isaac Piguet in 1802.
(Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 298)

Capt & Janin

A small piece of musikwork with a seven-tooth stacked comb has been recorded with the imprint Capt & Janin. Horngacher-Blyelle dates this as 1802-12, Geneva.
(Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 298)


Fingerring mit Figurenautomat und Spielwerk um 1803

Sektionalkammspielwerk 100 Zungen (etwa 1820)


Kleinformatige Spieldosen ()

See the Kapt/Karrer signed music experimental changeable box of the 1850/60 period