An experimental changeable-cylinder Box. No maker´s name. 1850-60 period.

Added a pair of extra winding pinions to make it easier to wind the spring. The problem in changing the cylinders in a musical movement of conventional format is that the governor is at one end of the cylinder, and the spring at the other. Remove the cylinder, and there is nothing to hold the spring power. The maker here provided a small index with a pointer which, as it turned, locked into the spring barrel teeth to hold the power and at the same time removed the locks on the cylinder arbor end clamps. The cylinders each play four airs and are 11 inches long.

A virtually identical box in the Guiness collection bears the name Henri Capt on the brass tune sheet and the bedplate is stamped `Karrer et Ce [sic] à Geneve´.

Both boxes, the anonymous one and the Capt/Karrer one, play cylinders stamped with tune titles before pinning.

Moulinié Ainé
has been seen stamped on similar items.

(Ord-Hume, Music Box, Plate 87)