D. Allard & Cie, Genève

2 Place des Alpes, Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1880. Manufacturers of musical boxes, singing birds, orchestrions and phonographs. A semi-helicoidal cylinder box bearing this name is in the Guiness collection, New York. (Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 291)

Allard & Sandoz

Allard & Jaquet

(1880 – 1892)

Musical boxes by Allard are strangely rare. They have been variously attributed to D. Allard, and Allard and Sandoz, and Allard and Jaquet – all of Geneva. From 1880 to at least about 1892, sometime in partnership with Sandoz or Jacquet.

All music boxes are later than 1880, and I think all have nickel-plated clinder types. Those mentioned in books are large interchangeable cylinder types. (Bulleid, Technology, p. 6)

With the exception of Allard & Jaquet, the names can be found on tune sheets from about 1880 to beyond 1887. No reference to Allard has been located after 1902. (Bellamy, Tune Sheets, 2022, p. 29/1)

Three of the boxes appeard at the 1896 Geneva Exhibition and another is illustrated in the book by Chapuis who also mentions visiting „the old Allard factory“ in 1920. But here in the 1990s we still have no positive facts about Allard manufacture, although we know he acted as agent for PVF Serial No. 5395. (Bulleid, Technology, p. 6)

Allard & Sandoz

Bis 1897 oder noch länger
(TMB 21, 6, 2004, S. 185)

As a dealer Allard & Co a box by Reuge

Eine Spieldose ist mit D. Allard & Co. gemarkt, die Musiktafel mit D. Allard & Sandoz, jedoch Sandoz durchgestrichen.

Cylinder Musical Box by Allard, No. 9762, ©Skinner, 2007-03-24

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