François Alibert

„It is not known to what extent François Alibert, whose workshop in the early 1800s was at 10, rue J. J. Rousseau, Paris, was a musical box maker. His name appears at top center of his simple-boardered tune sheets and his combs are stamped F. ALIBERT. But in general appearance, Alibert cartel boxes are so similar to those of David and Falconnet that the blanks were almost certainly obtained from the same source.

François Alibert issued a catalogue in 1845.

François Alibert seems to have made mostly tabatieres and small cartel boxes.“ (Bulleid, Technology, p. 6)

François Alibert famed as a maker of small snuff-box movements, with sectional combs. In addition he produced larger movements up to 9 in. cylinder length with sectional combs. Made musical clocks under glass domes with detached movements also under glass domes which could be played at will by pulling a cord. (Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 291)

François Alibert was also a maker of blanks (ébauches, Rohwerken, roulants). François Alibert sold also uncased movements to a finisher! (Ord-Hume, Musical Box, see the caption of tune sheet no. 4)

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