Paillard, St. Croix

( Spielwerke / movements)

[1] Sublime Harmonie,
[2] Early Key Winding Music Box, N° 4876 or 48.76,
[3] GLORIA interchangeable Mandoline Zither,
[4] Longue marche ConcertiN° Music Box playing 2½ hours,
[5] With saddle-shaped cylinders,
[14] with two small five-pointed stars,
[15] Sublime Harmonie Mandoline Expression,
[16] Sublime Harmonie,
[16a] Coat of the Arms on the cock,
[17] Excelsior Interchangeable,
N° 104,
N° 896,
N° 2018,
N° 5336,
N° 16829,
N° 30363,
N° 40408,
N° 50222,
N° 52870,
N° 59748 The Garney Family, Song Festival,
N° 67038
N° 67805 (c),
N° 71616,
N° 76661,
N° 78867,
N° 90792 (Paillard NY)

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[1] N° number

[2] Early Key Winding Music Box,
N° 4876 or 48.76

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[3] GLORIA interchangeable box Mandoline Zither

Paillard´s  GLORIA interchangeable box Mandoline Zither was a bold attempt to mass-produce this style. Although the goverN° assembly was at the right of the cylinder, it was driven by a shaft under the bedplate and was thus independent of the cylinder.
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, Plate 94)

[4] Longue marche ConcertiN° Music Box playing 2½ hours, mady by Paillard, St. Croix, Switzerland.

Table: 42" (114 cm) x 18" (38 cm) x 40" (67 cm).
Cyl.: 13" (33 cm) x 3,5" (85 mm)

Four spring barrels, playing two and a half hour without winding, as stated on the plaque:

8 operatic airs listed on the original tune sheet.

The large comb plays the main melodies whilst the small comb picks out tone varkiarions of the air producing a pleasantly different sound.

The case is veneered in burr-walnut with tulip wood and boxwood cross banding.
The matching table has turned ebonized legs and a lockable draw that contains q reading or writing slope and pen and ink compartments

[5] With saddle-shaped cylinders





Home & Décor Decorative Objects Decorative Boxes Music Boxes Previous Lot 1327 Next LARGE PAILLARD MUSIC BOX & TABLE, FOUR CYLINDERS - 2 Item Details Description Paillard Interchangeable cylinder music box, Swiss, c.1890, the burlwood music box set in and removable from the matching single drawer table with ebonized turned supports, the table drawer and box with four approx 13.1/8"l cylinders, the top of the music box with mother of pearl accented inlaid cartouche, mechanics operate with a good tone, music box: approx 7.5"h, 34.75"w, 13"d, table: approx 28"h, 44.5"w, 25.5"d


Lot 146 PAILLARD 10-CYLINDER ANTIQUE MUSIC BOX. "Sublime Harmonie" music box, featuring two combs, double spring motor, tune indicator, "zither" tone moderator, and ten interchangeable cylinders. Each cylinder is 13" long (pinned length) and plays six tunes, for a total of 60 selections. The cylinders are cleaned, polished and lacquered so that they will remain bright and attractive for many years to come. All of the cylinders are housed in storage drawers built into the table and are easily accessible. The Sublime Harmonie format provides for a sweet, melodic sound and there are N° missing teeth, damper squeaks Antique Place N° ember 22, 2022 5:30 PM EST Dania Beach, FL, US


Sublime Harmonie model, Longue Marche pat'd medallion of 1881, zither attachment, comes with 4 interchangable cylinders (14 3/4"), table has two drawers, case measures 44" long, 16 1/2" deep and 9 3/4" tall, the table is 29 1/2" tall, 51" wide


Willow Auction House Lot 0259 2022 Dec 14 Paillard Style Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box - 16 Interchangeable cylinder music box in the style of Paillard. Black lacquer, burled veneer, mother-of-pearl inlay. Drawer for additional cylinders below main compartment. Three cylinders, crank, and key are included. 14 1/2" H x 27 1/2" L x 16 1/2" W


Large marquetry cylinder music box by C. Paillard and Co. Ste Croix Swiss 19th century inner glass cover displaying grand format design movement play repeater, with fast and slow tempo lever.
Dimensions: Height.19cm. Width. 63cm. Depth. 27cm


N° [14] with two small five-pointed stars

two small five-pointed stars

Posthorn dagger mark

N° [15] Sublime Harmonie Mandoline Expression


N° [16] Sublime Harmonie Label

Better readable is the label of Nr. 78867 of the same maker

The coat of arms mark of Paillard, in a rare variant on the cock

N° [16a] Coat of the arms on the cock

N° [17] Excelsior Interchangeable
(Ernest Paillard)

height 45 inches x width 55 inches x depth 28 inches

Tune indicator

cinemascop-like escutcheon

Marquetry veneer burl wood case and stand with ebonized embellishment, glass internal cover reveals internal mechanics and interchangable cylinders, two drawers in the stand open to fitted storage compartment for extra cylinders, also includes trunk full of accessories, ten music cylinders, and various accompanying ephemera relating to its history and purchase.

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N° 104: Early Sublime Harmonie Box by its inventor, Paillard

N° 896
Bottom left: E[ugene] & A[mi] Paillard Frères

E[ugene] & A[mi] P[aillard] f[rères]

Agent's number 852?

Printer of the tune sheet: Spensier & Co, Lausanne, (according to Paul Bellamy: The Music Makers of Switzerland, 2015, p. 299)

Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 18/1, Fig. 18/4

E[ugene] & A[mi] P[aillard] f[rères]

See History of Paillard & PVF

N° 2018

57.5 cm wide x 23 cm deep x 15 cm high

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N° 5336

Private ownership

[1] N° 16829

“Lyra with two eyes”

Handle of the crank

©Aden Macarthur

N° 30363

N° 40408

Vage Zuschreibung an Paillard St. Croix. Handgeschriebene Nummer 40408 auf der Unterseite des Gehäused, darunter „14P“. Länge: 65,5cm, Breite: 25,5cm, Höhe: 18,0cm.

N° 50222

Nr. 52870

Nr. 59748 The Garney Family, Song Festival

59748,Measures- 5.5''H x 18.75''W x 9''

59748 Measures- 5.5''H x 18.75''W x 9''

Nr. 67038

Fine Swiss amboyna and ebonised music box by and inscribed Manufactured by C. Paillard & Co., STE Croix, Switzerland on a recessed silvered plate fitted with two repeat/to change, to start/to stop selection levers

Silvered disc screwed to the bed plate inscribed Longue Marche, Patented, United States March 11th 1881 and England September 16th 1879

Stamped 67038 behind the spring barrel and on the side of the winding handle

The 14.5" cylinder with two separate combs, the case fitted with two ornate cast handles and inlaid with boxwood lines, 41" wide overall

Nr. 67805

Nr. 71616 (?)

arrow: posthorn dagger mark

arrow: posthorn dagger mark

Nr. 76661

Nr. 78867