Paillard, St. Croix

( Spielwerke / movements):

[1] Sublime Harmonie,
[2] Amoebean music box,
[3] GLORIA interchangeable Mandoline Zither,
[4] Longue marche Concertino Music Box playing 2½ hours,
[5] With saddle-shaped cylinders,
[6] coming soon,
No. 896,
No. 5336,
No. 16829,
No. 30363,
No. 52870,
No. 90792 (Paillard NY)

[1] No number

[2] Amoebean music box

[3] GLORIA interchangeable box Mandoline Zither

Paillard´s  GLORIA interchangeable box Mandoline Zither was a bold attempt to mass-produce this style. Although the governor assembly was at the right of the cylinder, it was driven by a shaft under the bedplate and was thus independent of the cylinder.
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, Plate 94)

[4] Longue marche Concertino Music Box playing 2½ hours, mady by Paillard, St. Croix, Switzerland.

Table: 42" (114 cm) x 18" (38 cm) x 40" (67 cm).
Cyl.: 13" (33 cm) x 3,5" (85 mm)

Four spring barrels, playing two and a half hour without winding, as stated on the plaque:

8 operatic airs listed on the original tune sheet.

The large comb plays the main melodies whilst the small comb picks out tone varkiarions of the air producing a pleasantly different sound.

The case is veneered in burr-walnut with tulip wood and boxwood cross banding.
The matching table has turned ebonized legs and a lockable draw that contains q reading or writing slope and pen and ink compartments

[5] With saddle-shaped cylinders

[6] coming soon

No. 896
Bottom left: E[ugene] & A[mi] Paillard Frères

E[ugene] & A[mi] P[aillard] f[rères]

Agent's number 852?

Printer of the tune sheet: Spensier & Co, Lausanne, (according to Paul Bellamy: The Music Makers of Switzerland, 2015, p. 299)

Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 18/1, Fig. 18/4

E[ugene] & A[mi] P[aillard] f[rères]

See History of Paillard & PVF


No. 5336

Private ownership

[1] No. 16829

“Lyra with two eyes”

Handle of the crank

©Aden Macarthur

[1] No. 30363


Nr. 52870

Nr. 67805