Rechts und links jeweils Musikinstrumente [2]

Oben Ornamentbordure mit 2 schiefen spiegelbildlichen „3“ /

Top ornate bordure mit 2 oblique mirror-inverted „3“

Spieldosen / music boxes,
vermutlich von Lecoultre /
presumably made by Lecoultre

Reprint as business card by Nancy Fratti


Unten Ornamentbordure mit je 1 schiefen Dreier spiegelbildlichen „3“ /
Bottom ornate bordure with 1 incline mirror image „3“


Spieldosen / music boxes:

[1] No number [Drink of this cup]


[Lecoultre] 2898

Lecoultre 3669

Lecoultre 5343

Lecoultre 5380

[Lecoultre] 7034

Lecoultre 7437

Lecoultre 8390

Lecoultre 23132

[Lecoultre] 30490

Bruguier 2912

Bruguier 58082

[Bruguier] Nr. 509

Bruguier 599 = Bulleid Nr. 253

[Bruguier] Nr. 7912

„BAB (Bremond) Nr. 7965“ (Falsifizierung?)

Serial 90792

„Keine Seriennummer bekannt“

[1] Drink of this cup

©Private ownership

Nr. 1601

Fig. 30-25. About 1860, for an interchangeable musical box.
This pattern was [...] reproduced by the prestigious London store Fortnum & Mason. The store had an antiques department in the 1970s and used the pattern to print details of an interchangeable cylinder musical box circa 1860. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/8, Fig. 30/25)

[Lecoultre Frères] Nr. 2898

Ht 12, W 44, D 16 cms

Private ownership

Lecoultre Frères Nr. 3669

No. 5343

Private ownership

No. 5380

Ebay 2022 Jan 14

Lecoultre Frères 7034

Bedplate top left corner

Lecoultre Frères 7437

Sept. 21, 2021

Lecoultre Frères 8390

Lecoultre Frères 8390

Lecoultre 23132

[Lecoultre] 30490

Bruguier 2912


Bruguier 58082

Ord-Hume, Musical Box, tune sheet no. 19

Bruguier 58082

Ord-Hume, Musical Box, tune sheet no. 19

[Bruguier] 7912: Druck in Blau auf dünnem Papier


Bruguier zugeschrieben

Size: 36 x 17c x 10,5 cm

Private ownership

Brugier 599 = Bulleid 253

Brguier 509 (attributed): Druck in Blau auf dünnem Papier

Auf diesem Blatt aus einem unbekannten Druckwerk sind drei Musiktafeln aufgeführt, 1 und 2,
die Bildbeschreibungen sind mit 1a und 2a hekennzeichnet

Leicht abweichende Variante

„BAB (Bremond) Nr. 7965“

(Ornamentbordure mit kleinformatigen Elementen, with small elements)

This piece was made in the 1860s by the "Bremond" firm of Geneva Switzerland. Overture boxes can come in different configurations, this particular piece plays the Overture to the "Opera "Norma" composed by V. Bellini. It plays Norma in 3 parts along with 3 other selections. Distinctive features of this type music box are the unusually Fat Cylinder 3" diameter x 13" length, as well as many teeth, (117).

The Case is particularly ornate with Cut corners, various Enamel and wood Inlays to both the Lid and Case-front. The "Dragon"s Breath" case inside is also a feature of the earlier finer pieces. This piece has been meticulously restored to beautiful condition, having No previous Tooth repairs.

Serial 90792 on cylinder bearing, Paillard NY

Privatgebrauch eines Reprints

25 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches

No serial known / Keine Nummer bekannt