Paillards Amoebean Musical Boxes

( Spielwerke / movements)

[1] Instructions for the proper management,
[2] Instructions for the proper management,
[3] C. Paillard & Co, Amoebean
[4] C. Paillard & Co, Amoebean
[5a] Gardiner Houlgate
[5b] Tennant's
N° 60820


Private ownership


Ebay 2023 May 12

[3] C. Paillard & Co, Amoebean

Height 23.5 cm, width 53 cm, depth 30.5 cm

[4] C. Paillard & Co, Amoebean
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[5a] Interchangeable (4 cyl.)
Gardiner Houlgate 2022

[5b] Tennant's 2023

A Good Paillard 'Amobean' Interchangeable Musical Box with large single-spring motor, safety check, air-change lever and tune indicator, on silver cast bedplate, period instruction sheet, now loose but lid pins present, in part grained case with the lid and front with both inlay and colour transfer decoration, framed in kingwood crossbanding, side carrying handles, with just the one cylinder - 25in. (63.5cm) wide, the cylinder 8.1/2in. (22cm)

N° 60820

On the cylinder bearing