Adre [=Alexandre] Soualle (~1850 – 1860)

"Alexandre Soualle established what was probably the first French musical-box factory at the Chȃteau Villetaneuse, St. Denis, close to Paris. No exact dates are known, but it appears to have been around 1850-60. The venture is thought to have been short-lived and few Soualle boxes survived. The black-printed tune sheets bear the initials A.S:V in the top border and the legend: Musiques des Paris, Fabriqué au Chateau de Villetaneuse près St. Denis (Seine). The letters `AS´ are cast into the underside of the comb base but, although in the correßct order, the letter `S´ is reversed. The boxes seen are all lever-wound and the name is stamped both on the comb and on the flat of the winding-handle."
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, 1980,  p. 332)

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Spielwerke: 3080 (und weiter klicken)

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Die Gesamtanzahl der SOUALLE-Spieldosen / Total:

music boxes

Signete / Stamps / Stempel

auf dem „handle“ oder „Knauf“ des Ratschenaufzuges, wobei der Knauf, eine alte Form von Knopf, in diesem Fall nicht wie zumeist knopfartig, sondern in der Art ener kleinen, bequem anzufassenden Walze ausgeformt ist

Chateau Villateneuse, today suburb of Paris