Reymond & Nicole

See also Henri François Raymond (Reymond)

Henri François Raymond (Reymond),
*1796, employee of François Nicole, since 1828 partner, 1857 retired, †1863
mnemonic: 17963 means 1796-63

"Raymond Nicole (sometimes Reymond Nicole)
Henri François Raymond was born in Chenit on 13 February 1796, and came to Geneva, where he lived at 85 rue de Coutance, at some time prior to 1822. He was working for François Nicole at this maker´s address in rue Chevalue."

" On 29 December 1827, Raymond married François Nicole´s daughter, Adrienne Césarine Louise, whose birth is registered in the Geneva parish of Satigny."

"By 1828, it appears that Raymond, formerly the employee of François Nicole, was now his partner in business, whilst his wife was employed in pinning cylinders. Raymond assumed the name Raymond Nicole and by 1834, he is listed in the census as being proprietor of the business which had by then moved from the old address (at that time renamed and renumbered as No. 60 rue Roussseau). It is interesting to note that at this time the firm of Raymond Nicole was listed independently at this address, whilst that of his father-in-law, François Nicole, continued to be shown at No. 60. He employed at least two workers who lived in his house and became a citizen of Geneva on 6 May 1836, at this time stating that he had been in Geneva for eighteen years. He died on 7 January 1863, although he had retired some years earlier – the 1857 directory listing him as retired and living in the rue Cornavin."
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, 1980,  p. 327-328)

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