Abram-Louis Perrelet

Auguste Perrelet & Co

Abram-Louis Perrelet

Le Locle, Switzerland. Perrelet was born in 1739 and died in 1826. Nicknamed `l´Ancien´, he lived the whole of his long career in Le Locle and was renowned as a wise and creative watchmaker accredited with many inventions. Greatly respected by others, he was, as Chapuis says, in a sense the master of all watchmakers in Le Locle. He appears to haven been responsible for some work on early musical boxes and his successors were established as:
Auguste Perrelet & Co.
1 (Ord-Hume, Music Box, 1980,  p. 325-326)

Auguste Perrelet & Co (1871–1890)

(A. P. & Co)

18 rue des Alpes, Geneva. Described as `Manufactory of musical boxes´. By 1900, the business address was 11 rue Cornavin, Geneva.
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, 1980,  p. 325-326)

Successor to Lecoultre Frères of Geneva

Teilnahme an der „International Inventions Exhibition“ im Jahr 1885

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