Alphonse Malignon

"An early maker of outstanding quality cylinder musical boxes who excelled in the technique of the single-comb forte-piano format and employed extended play through the use of a slow-turning governor. Research by Olin Tillotson (MSNBI Bulletin, vol. ORD-HUME, MUSIC BOX, 1980, IV, p. 97) reveals that Alphonse Malignon was born in 1800 and from 1821 to 1833 he worked as a clerk. On 7 April 1827, he married Jeanne Judith Elizabeth Victor and from November 1833 to about 1835 he was in association with Leschot as Georges-August Leschot (1800-84), son of Jean-Frederic Leschot who was partner of and successor to Henry-Louis Jaquet-Droz. Britten says that G-A Leschot joined the business of Vacheron and Constantin in 1839, remaining with it until 1882 during which time he is credited with the design of complex tooling for the mass production of watches. From about 1835 to 1868, it seems that Malignon worked on his own at `Corraterie No. 11, first floor above the mezzanine´ (according to an 1845 directory), and another shows: `A. Malignon, 6 Rue de la Corraterie, 6´. Both Malignon and his wife died in 1875. There were no children. Very few Malignon boxes are known – Tillotson lists 14 including three single-comb forte-piano models. Combs are sometimes found stamped with the initials ML".
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, 1980,  p. 317)

Malignon & Leschot
M[alignon] & L[eschot]

These initials, stamped on the comb, are characteristics of boxes made by Malignon & Leschot.
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, 1980,  p. 316)

Siehe Métert, Moulinié Ainé, Langdorff, Malignon
( Merkwort / mnemonic: „MéMouLaMal“)

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