Arthur Gonthier

Numa Gonthier

Arthur Gonthier (1888 – 1897)

“On 11th December 1888, Arthur Gonthier established himself as √©tablisseur of music boxes of all types and founded a private company in Sainte-Croix.”

“However, he arrived on scene too late to benefit fully from the years of prosperity and in 1896, he encountered problems which led him to file for bankruptcy. He ceased all activity on 15th January 1897.”
(Piguet 2004, S. 219)

Numa Gonthier, (1883 – 1895)

“Like so many of his fellow-citizens at the time, Numa Gonthier worked in the music box workshops and seeing the market was thriving, he decided to set up his own business. He registered his company at the beginning of 1883 and proceeded to make music boxes until such time as the problems encountered by all manufacturers at the end of the century forced him into bankruptcy on 7th September 1895.”
(Piguet 2004, S. 219)

Jean Claude Piguet konnte keine gemarkte Spieldose dieser beiden Hersteller finden

TMB 18, 5, 1998, p. 136, Nr. 14