Many angels in the bordures /
top: lyra /
bottom left: cherub looking in a telescope

Maker of the movements: Cuendet, J. Billon (and others, e. g. Nicole Frères 50995)

Spieldosen / music boxes

[1] Forte Mandoline Piccolo Harp

[2] Nicole Frères 50995

[3] Timbres caches

[4] Interchangeable 6 cyl.

[5] Harpe Harmonie Piccolo

1904: Sublime Harmonie Piccolo

2399: Sublime Harmonie (B. F.)

2400: Danseuses Timbres


6260 (?) (a hard to read four digit number)

19895: Sublime Piccolo

Forte Mandoline Piccolo

1st tune: Bleue Danube

Sublime Harmonie (coin operated)

Sublime Harmonie (Musé Baud, for sale)

Flöte Zither

12 airs, 10 pouces, 1st: Le premier baiser

Cuendet 3316

Cuendet 35010

Cuendet für Nicole 47648

Railway station

[1] Forte Mandoline Piccolo Harp

Nr. [2] Coming soon

Nr. [3] Timbres caches

Nr. [4] Interchangeable 6 cyl.

Private ownership

Nr. 1904: Sublime Harmonie Piccolo

Nr. 2399: Danseuses Timbres

Nr. 2400: Sublime Harmonie,
Hersteller oder Retailer (?): B. F.


Ebay 2021 Dec w0

Nr. 6258
Variante: keine Lyra oben in der Mitte
Variant: no Lyra top center


Nr. 6260 (?), at any rate a number with 4 digits

This closely-packed orchestral mechanism offers six bells, drum with eight strikers and castanet with six strikers.

Note that the cock-plate on the governor bracket has, in addition to the jewel-retaining hole, a close-by oil hole.

red arrow ponting on the close-by oil hole
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, Plate 113)

Nr. 19895, Sublime Piccolo

Bernard Novell: 8/123 Cuendet Sublime Piccolo three comb movement Serial no. 19895 circa 1896

three separate combs 44+44+35


Link to Bernard Novell

Forte Mandoline Piccolo

Lyra oben in der Mitte

Dirigierender Cherub unten in der Mitte


1st tune: Bleue Danube

Sublime Harmonie (coin operated)

Sublime Harmonie (Musé Baud, for sale)

Eingesehen 2022 Jul 29

Flöte Zither

12 airs, 10 pouves, 1st: Le premier baiser

Cuendet 3316

Cuendet 35010


Three mandarin automata as strikers for the 6 rack-mounted saucer bells. Each strikes the bells and turns his head with the music, creating a wonderful spectacle. The musical movement also features a drum with 6 beaters, a castanet, a tune indicator on the left hand side, and a zither bar. It is unusual to find the combination of these automata strikers with drum, bell and castanet.

The music box plays a selection of 12 popular tunes of the day with an excellent, bright sound. Tunes include Donizetti’s ‘Lucrezia Borga’, Gounod’s ‘Faust’, and ‘Les Cloches de Corneville’, as listed on the original tunesheet.

This is housed within a rosewood veneered case with a floral motif inlay to the lid, along with tulipwood banding and boxwood stringing to the lid and front, and gilded side handles.

Freeman No. 1279

Cuendet für Nicole 47648

Coin Operated Railway Station