Rote Ornamentbordüre mit einem siebenstrahligen Verzierungselement, das sich mit einer stilisierten roten Blüte abwechselt
(kleinformatige Spieldosen)

Pattern C: WITH decorated edges

Pattern B: edge decoration only top and bottom ()

Pattern A: No edge decoration ()

Hersteller: Firma Paillard (posthorn-dagger-Zeichen) und andere wie z. B. Thorens

Most common: Pattern C
tune sheets in a bad condition

Spieldosen / music boxes

America, Mocking Bird,

Bacio [Arditi] (1),

Bacio [Arditi] (2),

Black husar,

Blue alsatian mountains,

Cheer up,

Come where my love ...,

Cross your heart,

Dooley, Heidelberg..., Under the Anheuser,

El Capitano,

Holy city, Am. Pat, On a Sunday...,

Invisible Eagle,

Love's Park,

Laura-, Nanon-Walzer, etc., in Miniaturklavier (Flügel),

Dreaming Love (3 airs),

Dreaming Love (6 airs),

Flash Galop,

Hero ... Cotton,

Home Sweet Home,

Katie Molloy,

Last Rose of Summer,

Liegender Windfang (parallel zum Kamm),

Der lustige Krieg,


Martha Ariette,

Mascotte (Audran),

May Irwin's Bully Song,

Miniaturklavier (Pianino),

Mocking Bird,

O You wonderful girl,

Waltz, Wouldn´t You,

Washington Post March (1),

Washington Post March (2),

Washington Post March (3),

Fille de M. Angot,

Pariser Einzugsmarsch,

The Petals ... [Blütenblätter],

Just my style,

Eingebaut in einen Humidor mit undeutlicher Bezeichnung A&N,

La père



Mocking bird / Black Husar

So Long Mary

Chanson de printemps (Mendelssohn Bartholdy) / Tosca: notre douce nid


America, Mocking Bird (Patent Nov 29th, 1882)

Victorian woman decoration on the top

4¾ x 3¼ x 2½ inches

2022 Jul 15

Bacio (1) (MCM, Patent Nov 28th 1881)

Il Bacio

43 teeth, bass to the right

Nove 29 1881

2nd tune: Bacio (2)

Ebay 2022 Dec 6

Black hussar

Black hussar Waltz
The Mocking Bird

Ebay 2022 Aug 8

The Blue alsatian mountains

1: The blue alsatian mountains

The shaft for the governor blade sits horizontally

5 ¼ x 3 ½ 2 x 2 ½ inches

Ebay 2022 Sept 26

Cheer up, Mary

Cheer up (1916)

Vierer am Kamm


Come where my love ...

The end of the case is missing
Start-stop mechanism not working

13.3 wide, 8.6 deep, 6. 3cm high

Cross Your Heart

Fig. 30-30C: Post 1906. In a 50-tooth comb snuffbox-type movement with a horizontal governor adjacent to the spring motor, the governor typical of Paillard at that time. So long Mary was written by George Cohen for a Broadway musical in 1906. Movement possibly made by Paillard. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/10, Fig. 30/30C)

Mister Dooley, Heidelberg Stein, Under the Anheuser Bush

Ebay 2023 Jul 21

El Capitano

The Holy City, American Patrol, On a Sunday Afternoon

Ebay 2023 Jul 21

Invisible Eagle

Private ownership

Love's Park

Laura, Nanon, etc., einem Miniaturklavier (Flügel)

5 in H x 15 in W x10 ½ in D


Dreaming love (3 airs)

Dreaming love (6 airs)


Ebay 2022 Apr 27

Flash Galop

Ebay Mar 6

Hero ... Cotton

Private ownership

Home, Sweet Home (Thorens) Nr. 30½

Ebay 2022 May 25

Katie Molloy

Katie Molloy


4-7/8" x 3-1/4" x 2-1/4"

The print on the lid is slightly faded and a little cracked

Ebay 2022 Sept 24

Miniaturklavier (Pianino)

Last Rose of Summer

Last Rose of Summer

Annie Laurie

The Bay of Biscaye

The Merry Widow

O You wonderful girl

Martha (Ariette)

Posthorn dagger mark (C. Paillard)

Kammnummer 4

Ebay 2022 Feb 11

Mascotte (Audran)

1: Mascotte
2: Les roses

11.75 x 9.25 x 4 inch

May Irwin's Bully Song

May Irwin's Bully Song

Liegender Windfang (Achse parallel zu den Zungen des Kamms)

Ebay 2022 Mar 10

Mocking Bird

The Mocking Bird

Liegender Windfang (parallel zum Kamm)

Am Foto nicht lesbar

Der lustige Krieg

Ebay 2022 Aug 20


2: Ma Blushin Rosie
3: The Tale of a Kangoroo

Waltz, Wouldn´t You

1: Waltz Me Around Again Willie
2: Wouldn't You Like to Have Me for a Sweetheart

Measures: 2 1/2 (t) x 5 x 3 1/2

2023, Jan 23
Davies Auctions

Washington Post March (1)

July 2021

Washington Post March (2)

Ebay 2023 Feb 3

Washington Post March (3)

Ebay 2023 Oct 16

Fille de Madame Angot

©Private ownership

Pariser Einzugsmarsch

Pariser Einzugsmarsch

©Private ownership

The Petals ...

Just my style

©Private ownership

La père ...


Kammnummer 4

Ebay 2023 June 25

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Pattern B

Spieldose / music box

Fig. 30-30B is the same pattern but not used as a tune sheet. It has a poignant message about the life of a child called Maggie (the diminutive of Margaret), remembered by someone called J. Marrugg. Did the person who saved her die? Was Marrugg the parent? The mystery may never be solved but the memory lives on. Fig. 30-30B. Same pattern as Fig. 30-30A but used to commemorate the saving of a child´s life. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/9, Fig. 30/30 B)

Pattern A

Spieldose / music box

Fig. 30-30A. Post 1882, a tune sheet for a small box with snuffbox-type movement. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/9, Fig. 30/30 A)