Blaue Bordüre mit Blattdekor

Spieldosen / music boxes

N° 371 (Vereinigungstänze Walzer)

No s/n , 62 or 63 teeth

Les Géorgiennes

La Syrène Valse (Jullien), Case: Vue de Thoune

La traviata (maker: E. Gaillard) (no PICT)

Automata attr. to Xavier Tharin

Blaue Bordüre mit Blattdekor N° 371

Blaue Bordüre mit Blattdekor, 62 oder 63 Zungen

3 Airs, 1st: Les Géorgiennes

1: Les Géorgiennes
2: Ne m` oubliez pas

Stunning complex arrangements on a fine toothed comb.

The wooden box itself is a marvel of the carpenter's art deeply carved with oak leaves.

Oct 28

Music box, playing a piece of music from Traviata

Tune sheet with the design of this chapter, unfortunately no PICT, clearly readable marked “Gaillard” on the comb

1st: La Syrène Waltz (Jullien), [etc.], Case: Vue de Thoune

Another Music box with this view

Thoune, ville du Conton de Berne"
Movement plays well with good tonal quality. Cylinder pinning appears excellent. No broken teeth. Has key. Dimensions: 3.625" wide, 2.125" deep, 1.125" tall

Automata Picture Clock attributed to Xavier Tharin