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Angels' orchestra

Maker: Mermod Frères

Spielwerke / musîc boxes

N° 941

N° 5476

N° 6187

Mandoline N° 7889

Mandoline N° 941
Six-air musical box by Mermod Frères, in inlaid veneered case

No. 5476
Dedication of 1893

Imprimerie Champenois

No. 6187

Dixie Land
Cloches de Cornville
Over the Garden Wall
Devil's Marche Trio

Number "6187" and housed within a thuja wood and ebonized pearwood brass-mounted box, the interior lid with a lithographed program depicting a cherubic orchestra

Measures: 2.25" H x 5" W x 3" D

Mandoline N° 7889

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