Normal Size Music Boxes Of F. Charles Lecoultre (1865 – 1871)

Spielwerke ohne rautenförmiger Musiktafel / music boxes without diamond shaped tune sheet

N° 36578,

N° 36740

Diamond shaped tune sheets: please, click here ()

N° 36578

N° 36740

handle of the crank

36741: underside of the case

F. C. Lecoultre

Case measures 9.25 x 23 x 11.5 inches. The cylinder is 13 inches.

An inlaid brass plaque in the lid is dedicated to Charlie C. Taft From His Father July 22, 1869

The fine burr walnut case with inlaid banding and ebonized details houses a Swiss cylinder mechanism with 13 1/8 inch cylinder accompanied by seven bells, one of which is carved by hand F.C. LECOULTRE GENEVE.