Cartel Music boxes by the JUNODS / Cartel Spielwerke by The JUNODS

Spielwerke / music boxes


6028 attributed

JAC, no N°, (Junod, Aubert & Cie): Helvetia

JAC N° 1283 (Junod, Aubert & Cie): Helvetia

Sublime Harmonie

Harvey Webber Interchangeable (3 cyl.) ~1893 (Arthur Junod)

Nr. 6028, zugeschrieben an Junod


Details to Helevtia see the chapter JUNOD

Helvetia N° 1283





Firma JAC® (Junod, Aubert & Cie, 1888–?)
6 Melodien, floral markettiertes mehrfärbige Holzkassette mit verglastem Innendeckel, 55 x 25 x 17 cm
Dorotheum 2023, Sept 12, Lot 134

Sublime Harmonie

No swans on the tune sheet, bottom left

2022 Jul 21

Harvey Webber Interchangeable (3 cyl.) ~1893

Fine Quality Oversized Music Box with three 18 1/2" Cylinders patented by Arthur Junod & Cie. retailed by Henry Gautschi & Sons of Philadelphia, ca 1893.

Cyl 1:
1: "Introduction Tour of the Music Box"
2: "William Tell Overture
5: "The Coronation March" ("The Prophet")
8: "William Tell Overture"

A loud volume box with beautiful classic sound and arrangements. (Harvey Webber)

The double comb is a p sublime harmonywith piccolo has 130 teeth. Design of this mechanism places the spring barrel under comb and upgrade to how the interchangeable cylinder maybe removed anytime during play.