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Kapitel 1

Oben 5 ovale Kartuschen / five oval cartridges

Hersteller: Junod
(Bellamy: Music Makers of Switzerland, p. 299)

Printer: Elsener, Zurich
(Bellamy: Music Makers of Switzerland, p. 299)

Bellamy, Tune sheets, Fig-25-1, used 1877 – 1882

( Spielwerke / movements):

[1] coming soon

[2] Mandoline expressive Zither,

[3] (typewriter) 1st: Frauen (Foster), 2nd: Stille Nacht,

[4] 1st: Meine Koenigin (Coote), 2nd: Bettelstudent (Milloecker), 6th: Trovatore (Verdi),

[5] Harpe Harmonique,

N° 1097, N° 1106, N° 1152, N° 1195, N° 1583, N° 4249,
N° 4247 (?) Harpe Harmonique Zither, N° 4777

[2] Mandoline expressive Zither

The patents referred to are in the name of Arthur Junod and are assigned to Jacot & Son of New York. The English patent is of 1886. In full color lithographed In Zurich. (Ord-Hume, Music Box, tune sheet no. 32)

[3] (typewriter) 1st: Frauen (Foster), 2nd: Stille Nacht, 6th: Wien bleibt Wien (Johann Schrammel)

Eine Spieldose für einen Käufer mit Österreich-Bezug oder mit einer Vorliebe zu österreichischer Musik?

Private ownership

[4] 1st: Meine Koenigin (Coote), 2nd: Bettelstudent (Milloecker), 6th: Trovatore (Verdi)

Birdseye maple case with black trim and transfer decoration on lift lid. 14.5" l.

[5] Harpe Harmonique

Elsener, Zürich (bottom right)

N° 1097

Oben 5 ovale Kartuschen / five oval cartridges

N° 1106

N° 1152

Harpe Piccolo Zither

Helvetia-Pattern Cylinder Musical Box by Junod, No. 1152, pat. N° 366325, playing eight popular and operatic airs, threaded winding crank, exterior controls, tune-change detent with extended hook, lyre-form tune indicator, and tune-sheet depicting dancing fairies accompanied by a cricket band, headed Harp Piccolo Zither, in grained case with rosewood veneered lid and inlaid pastoral motifs. The cylinder is approximately 13 x 2 inches.

Measures approximately 23 inches X 10.5 inches X 6 inches.

Two soprano tines broken off (see picture) There are perhaps up to 20 pin locations with missing pins on this cylinder.

U.S. patent 366325 for an improvement in musical boxes was granted to Arthur Junod of St. Croix and Emile Cuendent of Hoboken, New Jersey, on 12 July 1887. Although it referred to the direct-drive spring and locking system of interchangeable movements, several of the elements can be seen in this fixed-cylinder version.

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N° 1195

N° 1583

N° 4477

On the cylinder bearing

Private ownership

N° 4247 (?) Harpe Harmonique Zither

4247 (?)