Chapter 2a

Expanded tune sheets
Sehr breite Musiktafeln

Left and right a WALKING female person (1/2)

Spieldosen / music boxes

[1] Nicole Freres, Mandoline, 36 airs,
Mermod 11210,
19467, 3 Cylindre,
23302, Zither, 2nd: La Mascotte,
Nicole Frères 45149

[1] Nicole Freres, Mandoline, 36 airs

Ord-Hume Music Box, tune sheet no. 18

Mermod 11210


Serial 11210

No. 19467, 3 Cylindre

No. 23302, Zither, 2nd: La Mascotte

Nicole Frères 45149

Gamme 5000, serial 45149

Wwalnut case with ebony inlay and ebonised moulding opening to reveal a 14" interchangeable brass pinwheel playing one of six tunes on a steel comb, drum, 6 bells and castanet

Original tune sheet to the inner lid showing the list of 36 tunes, the case sitting on the original matching stand with front drawer having a fitted interior with five brass pinwheels

Dimensions: 83cm wide, not including base

©Hutchison Scott Limited