Snuff box

Spieldose / music box

No 29058 (detected by Paul Bellamy)

Fig. 30-23. Post 1883 for a 4-air snuffbox-type musical box.
The latest tune´s date is post 1883 for serial number 29058. Almost hidden amongst the flowers is the monogram of entwined letters BM. The M appears to be dominant and has yet to be identified.

Tune 1 is written slightly incorrectly as `When the robin nest (sic) again´, an 1883 romantic lyric by J. E. Sampson.

Tune 2 is The Merry War (Der lustige Krieg) (1881).
Tune 3 is thought to be Iolanthe, a Gilbert& Sullivan comic opera first performed in 1883.
Tune 4 is the Donna Juanita Waltz first performed in 1880 by Franz von Suppé. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/8, Fig. 30/23)

five jag star

Bellamy, Paul: A little musical box Or the story of an Opera Buff. In: Mechanical Music World, issue 32, 2023, p. 24 – 25