National Musical Box und Ami Rivenc


Kapitel 1 / Chapter 1


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Spieldosen / music boxes

[1] Bottom center: Dealer's sticker

[2a] Home, Sweet Home (handwritten)

[2b] Home, Sweet Home (printed), lever arm stamped N° 32609

[2c] Home, Sweet Home (1st), 8th: Midshipmite

[3] Martha

[4] Harrison

[5] Lincoln

[6] Bluebells of Scotland / Auld Lang Syne

[7] Mascotte

N° 31323 (Pirates of Penzance)

N° 31362 (Home Sweet Home)

N° 31591 (Home Sweet Home)

N° 32609 (Home Sweet Home)

N° 33743

N° 34078

N° 34146

N° 35590

[10] 3rd: Kathleen Mavourneen

Thereof not less than Music boxes
with Home Sweet Home

[2a], [2c], 31362, 31591, 32609, 31362, 33743, 31362, 34146, 35590

Unten mit einer unleserlichen grüner Händler-Etikette / Bottom center: dealer's sticker [1] = N° 31323

Home, sweet home (handwritten) [2a]

Home, sweet home (printed) [2b], lever arm stamped N° 32609

15.5 cm cylinder playing, the lever arm stamped 32609, within an ebonised case, 35 cm x 21 cm x 14 cm high

[2c] Home, Sweet Home (1st), 8th: Midshipmite

[3] 1st piece of music: Martha

1: Martha
2: Auld Lang Syne
3: Chimes of Normandy
4: Good bye, John
5: Pinafore


[4] Exemplar Kegan Harrison

Kommentar von Otmar Seemann

[5] Exemplar Lincoln

[6] Bluebells of scotland / Auld Lang Syne

5: Bluebells of Scotland
6: Auld Lang Syne

©Private Ownership

[7] 1st piece of music: Mascotte


Private ownership

N° 31323: 6th: Pirates of Penzance

N° 31362: Home Sweet Home

Maker: Ami Rivenc

Handle of the crank

Private ownership

N° 31591: Home Sweet Home

Handle of the crank

N° 32609

5.5 cm cylinder playing six airs, the lever arm stamped
N° 32609, within an ebonised case, 35 cm x 21 cm x 14 cm high

N° 33743

Original fully restored 1885-1890 Ami Rivenc 19th century music box sold under the Dawkins National Music Box Company label.

Comb 67 teeth.

9 inch brass cylinder.

The Ami Rivenc “griffon” logo can be seen on the brass governor fan housing. The movement is original to the box.

The music box contains the original ruby in the governor top to help eliminate friction. The music box contains its original wavy glass in its inner lid and all brass hinges have been polished and lacquered. The shellac finish has been restored and still retains the lovely original floral inlay work on the lid of the music box. The music box has its original working lock with a key. The music box also has its original tune card attached to the inner lid that is protected by transparent archival quality film.

The original tune card has a backing that fills in the frayed missing edges so that it presents itself as best as possible.

Measurements: Length 18.25”, width 9.25”, 6” tall.

Ebay 2024 Feb 13

N° 34078

Maker's mark Ami Rivenc

Pawnshop John G. Murdoch and Company Ltd

This music box was on loan by the pawnshop of John G. Murdoch and Company Ltd, incorporated in 1883

Height: 5" (13cm), Width: 14" (35cm) Depth: 8.5" (18cm)

Ebay 2022 Jun 8

N° 34146
with a winged lion on the cock
Ami Rivenc

N° 35590
(on the cylinder)

[10] 3rd: Kathleen Mavourneen

Private ownership