Jean Billon
(since 1844, blanks marked JB
since 1862 SBI=Société Billon et Isaac)

Since 1880: Billon-Haller
(bis 1904)

Exhibitor and winner of a bronze medal at the Nationale Ausstellung in Genf 1896

JB are the initials of Jean Billon. This Swiss company is normally a retailer, but sometimes makes complete boxes under the name Jean Billon-Haller (Billon and his wife Haller). He works also in partnership with Isaac, and it is not rare to find on the bottom of bedplates the mark SBI for "Société Billon Isaac." I have seen that on many Paillard music boxes. (Jean-Marc Lebout,

JB on butterflies Jean Billon Haller, a butterfly with its wings spread (The letter “J”) appearing in the left wing and “B” in the right