Schweizer Spielwerk, 41 Sekt. à 2 und eine mit 1 Zunge, zusammen 83 Zungen

With a single-spring motor chain-linked to the 10-groove fusee train, Geneva stop-work positioned to the narrow head of the winding spindle, raised 12-inch cylinder with full polished brass bedplate, shaped brass comb bar for the 41-part sectional comb with teeth in pairs, one single tooth to extreme treble, arranged chevron with first bass right, second bass left and full treble to centre, paddle counter balance for manual start/stop override, slender governor clamp and twin centrifuge-set fins. Bedplate screws suspending movement in inverse position within oak panel comb box, clamped to the base and the three controls issuing to left-hand side, engraved legend in brass in Play, Change, Stop, clock actuation paddle diametrically positioned to top.

Fotos: ©Gavin Douglas Fine Antiques Ltd.