Ungemarkter Sektionalkamm, 36 Sekt. à 2,
restauriert von Keith Harding

A clock base with a beautiful 4 tunes movement, teeth by groups of two Mahogany oval base on round feet 37 x 25x 8 cm, with a glass pane as lid. 3 external levers. Inside, a label of the English reseller and restorer "Keith Harding". Very fine and early movement, 16,5 cm cylinder playing on 36 groups of two teeth each. Very beautiful notation, playing and sound typical of early movements (first tune : Mozart ?). In very fine condition. Ca 1825/30. Chartres Auction Catalogs, 2 December 2007, Nº 599; https://www.mmdigest.com/Gallery/Auctions/Chartres0712/0712En_images.html

Die fünf Sektionalkamm-Spielwerke der Auktion Chartre
vom 2. 12. 2007 waren die
Nummern 598, 599, 600, 604, und 680

Fotos: ©Chartres Auction Catalogs