Jérémie Recordon
working 1812 – 1835

Jérémie Recordon & Frédéric Vaucher,
working ~1815 – 1835

©Saluz, Klangkunst, S. 48

„Jérémie Recordon, descended from a family of watchmakers, was considered one of the pioneers of the music box industry in Sainte-Croix.“

„In 1812, he is said to have founded a snuffbox factory but apparently ran into problems, which meant that he only started up in 1815. At the time, he called upon Frédéric Vaucher in Besançon to join him, their objective being to manufacture cylinders made of brass casting produced in La Côte-aux-Fées.“

„Jérémie Recrodon contributed his own improvements to the music box industry. He supposedly made a piece with three cylinders, presenting themselves alternately to the comb, an idea which would later be known as revolver.

He was probably also the one who made the first music box called cartel.“

„His activities did not continue beyond the 1830s.“
(Piguet 2004, S. 286)

Jean Claude Piguet konnte keine gemarkte Spieldose dieses Herstellers finden

Jérémie Recordon, Ste-Croix, Switzerland, was making small musical movements in 1815.
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, 1980,  p. 328)

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