Jules Mutrux Frères, 1852–1885

Mutrux Frères (Eugène and Emile), 1885–1906

Emile Mutrux, *1855, registered 1906, †1941

“Although the Mutrux family was not in a position to compete with the major music box manufacturers as far as quantities produced or the number of people employed were concerned, it nevertheless kept up its activity in this sector for nearly a hundred years. In the directory of 1852, Jules Mutrux was listed among the eighteen music box établisseurs and no doubt he had strated up this activity even earlier. His comptoir was a family enterprise which involved his two sons, Eugène and Emile, who started their own company on 1st June 1885 in order to make music boxes. They set up in the Rue de la Charmille 5, in the heart of Sainte-Croix. They took part in local economy. Emile was a member of the Société industrielle et commerciale (SIC) from 1886 onwards and gradually took over the comptoir in his own name. He registered it officially on 1st August 1906 under the name Emile Mutrux. He pursued his activities as établisseur, at the time, in the Rue de l´Arnon 1. He was very actively involved in the life of the community and was mayor from 1921 to 1929. Emile Mutrux died in June 1941, at the age of 86. “With him disappeared a person who left a lasting impression on the community. With this tall, robust old man, a page of village history is turned. He was a talented musician and music box établisseur and he had the reputation of being a conscientious manufacturer, preferring quality to quantity, known for the excellent quality of his products.” (FAS 10th June 1941) (Piguet 2004, S. 276)