Milleron & Jaccard (1950–1951)

Roland Milleron (1951–1953–1973)

Roland Milleron Prémilex (1960-?)

At the end of the 1940s, Roland Milleron, of French origin, was a foreman with Lador. Conscious of the fact that the music box industry was developing exceptionally well, he decided to go into partnership with Alfred Jaccard (son of Oscar) and to set up his own musical movement company on 26th June 1950, under the name Milleron et Jaccard. After less than a year, following the withdrawal of Alfred Jaccard, the partnership became R. Milleron, with the same production objectives. (Piguet 2004, p. 274)

1953: handing over to Prémilex
On 25th September 1953, he handed over to Prémilex, at Rue de la Croix-d´Or 19 in Geneva. It was feared that he would move to the Canton of Argovie, confirming the prevailing tendency to export the Sainte-Croix music box industry elsewhere. However, Prémilex maintained its branch office in Sainte-Croix, where production continued in the villa situated at Quartier du Progrès 10, occupying up to fifty home workers.

Together with Matthey and Mollet, Milleron was part of the “Three M´s”, as they were called at the time.

1960: Roland Milleron Prémilex
In 1960, Roland Milleron set up a foundation for his staff, which was officially registered in Grandson under the name Roland Milleron Prémilex, to make musical movements and other products in the precision mechanics sector.

Roland Milleron ceased all music box activity in October 1973.
(Piguet 2004, p. 274)