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Charles-Henri Jacot
Jacot & Son

In the United States, it was first Emile L. Cuendet who represented Mermod Frères, in cooperation with Charles-Henri Jacot, and they had the exclusive distribution rights of the Mermod products which were sold in music shops and jewelers in most of the urban areas. They occupied the sector of music boxes of excellent quality at relatively popular prices, as opposed to novelties or small musical movements incorporated in toys, souvenirs and other objects.

Gustave Mermod, first in his own name, and then the company engineers on the company´s behalf, were the authors of innumerable developments. Among the better known inventors, there was Charles-Henri Jacot, who was one of the precursors of the parachute (the safety check device which prevented music box springs from suddenly uncoiling), and then his sons, who set up the Jacot & Fils agency in New York. Let us not forget Alexandre Vernaz whose contribution was in the disc box sector. (Piguet 2004, p. 297-306)

From 1886 on Louis-Gustave Jaccard worked in the firm of Jacot.

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„Jacot, Charles Henry & Co., Geneva, Switzerland, 1870. Subsequently went to America with Emile Cuendet and, in 1886, invented Jacot´s Safety Check to prevent accidental running down of a musical box should the escapement be damaged. Jacot produced a musical box fitted with this device and named it the `Ideal Musical Box´. The saftey check was actually devised by the son of the original C. H. Jacot when he worked in conjunction with Louis Jaccard, who went to America with Paillards when they opened a branch in New York. C. H. Jacot also patented many improvements in connection with musical-box dampers and, in 1883, published a booklet entitled How to Repair Musical Boxes which ran to three editions and was published in America. He was also agent for Mermod Frères musical boxes. The business was dissolved in 1911.“
(Ord-Hume, Music Box, 1980,  p. 309)


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