Louis Golay

Le Chenit, Switzerland. Good-quality maker of musical boxes and singing birds, c. 1800. (Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 305)

Golay, Henry David

Geneva, Switzerland. Maker of musical boxes. In partnership with François Charles Lecoultre 1828 until about 1832. The Golay family came from the Vallée de Joux and were quality watchmakers. (Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 305)

Golay et F. Lecoultre

Early key-wound musical box numbered 5403 seen bearing this stamp. (Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 305)

L. E. Golay

Golay, Louis, Le Chenit, 1800. Maker of musical mechanism and mechanical singing birds. (Mosoriak p. 85)

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