Victor Geneux

Louis Geneux

Ami Geneux

Victor Geneux (1813–?)

“The Geneux family specialized in comb production. As far back as 1813, Victor Geneux was mentioned in this connection, whereas

Louis Geneux, facteur préparager

Louis Geneux was facteur préparager (manufacturer).

Ami Geneux (?–1860)

A key-wound musical box has been seen with every part stamped with a dagger and this name impressed on the bedplate. (See The Music Box, Vol. 3, page 599). This dagger mark is a characteristic of movements made by L´Épee. (Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 305)

Ami Geneux took over his father´s  activities and his name was embossed on his combs. Music boxes with combs bearing this name have been identified. One of them playing eight tunes, has an eleven-inch cylinder and serial number 8353. This means that Ami Geneux manufactured finished boxes and it is more than probable that he worked in asscociation with another manufacturer.”

“On 29th September 1860, Ami Geneux closed down his workshop for health reasons and sold his house situated near the Hôtel de France in Sainte-Croix. On 8th December 1869, he liquidated ‘all the tools of a manufacturer of large combs’”.
(Piguet 2004, S. 219)