Ornamentband mit zentrifugalen Strichen (1) /

ornate bordure with centrifugal lines (1)

A tin-plate musical box, Swiss, circa 1835,
indistinctly marked Denkmal der Schweizer vom 10 August 1792, in Luzern errichtet, the 7cm cylinder playing four operatic airs including one from Bellini's 'Il Pirata' and another by Rossini, the movement with horn cover and mounted in tinplate case with transfer decoration and control buttons at the front and side,
4in (10cm) wide
sold as lot 180 at Sotheby's on the 29th May 1961.
The air from 'Il Pirata' provides a terminus post quem for this musical box of 1827, the year in which the opera premiered in the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

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