Ornamentbordüre mit nach aussen offenen Halbbögen, links ein Schweizer Kreuz und rechts ein Wappenadler

Hersteller: Paillard

Ornamentbordüre mit nach aussen offenen Halbbögen

Spieldosen / music boxes

4th tune: Mocking Bird,

1st tune: Annie Laurie,

2 pieces of music: Marche/Waltz

2 pieces of music: Maid of Athens

2 pieces of music: Flotow / Strauss, Lockvögel-W. 1

6 pieces of music: 4th tune: Home sweet home

6 pieces of music: 2nd tune: Annie Laurie

6 pieces of music: 1st tune: Stradella

No. 6702

No. 8060

Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green

Ladies Companion

4th tune: Mocking Bird

4: The Mocking Bird
5: Silver Threads Among the Gold
6: Der Walzer Cloches de Corneville wurde nicht von Lecoq sondern von Panquette komponiert

Measures: 4 ½" length, 3" deep, 2" high


1st tune: Annie Laurie

1: Annie Laurie
5: Der Walzer Cloches de Corneville wurde von Planquette komponiert


Marche / Waltz


2 pieces of music, 2: Maid of Athens

The Maid of Athens was written by Lord Byron in 1810 when he fell in love with a 12 year old girl. The Music war written by Charles Gounod in 1864.

2 pieces of music, Flotow / Strauss: Lockvögel-Walter 1

4.5 x 11.5 x 8 cm

6 pieces of music, 4: Home sweet home

6 pieces of music, 2: Annie Laurie

Playing 6 obscure Scottish airs, in ebonised hardwood case with gilt brass inlaid decoration, start/stop to front and change/repeat to left side, width of case 5 3/4 in., cylinder 3 1/2 in.

6 pieces of music, 1st: Stradella

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No. 6702

Ebonized and burl wood; the work stamped "6702";
6 1/4 inches wide; 4 inches deep; 2 1/4 inches high

No. 8060

2022 Jun 30

Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green

No PICT of the movement.

The song Pretty Polly Perkins ... was compsed by Harry Clifton (1832-1872), a pioneer of Music Hall songs with a respectable and moral message. One of his most endearing songs is Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/10)

Ladies companion with musical box and a photo frame

After 1870/1880

Wood carcase and red morocco leather, green silk interior. The flap opens to reveal some sewing tools, a bobbin and needle case (containing needles). There is a small pocket to one side, and a notepad with white metal pencil. A flap lifts to reveal a photograph frame (containing an albumen print) and a mirror.

Case 11.2cm x 8.3cm x 4.7cm

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