Bordüre mit großen Blättern (I)

Es folgen Spieldosen / music boxes



Unnummeriert, handschriftlich bezeichnet 2364

The case measures 15" (38.5cm) in width, 5" (12.5cm) height and 7" (18cm) depth. The cylinder is 8.25" in length and the comb slightly shorter and has approximately 76 teeth/notes which have no damage to the teeth/tips whilst the leads are excellent

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Nr. 32221

Fig. 30-3. The bottom border has a small banner on the left with the letters `No.´ where a serial number would have been entered [see the red arrow]. Date uncertain, either 1864 or even 1884. Etouffoirs mis-spelled as Etouffoires. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/2, Fig. 30/3)