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Kleinformatige Spieldosen


( music boxes / Spielwerke)

Made in France (1)

Made in Switzerland [and] France (1)

Blaue Bergkette


Three string lyra on comb

Reprint of Featured composers 2/2

Coat of the arms top left

Green border

Britisches Pfund in Lyra



Alphanumeric marks (e. g. TS-2) ()



Nummern ()


Diverse, darunter auch Invicta ()


(movements made in Japan and Hongkong) ()


Small size tune sheets,
gold yellow or white background,
LADOR horizontal or vertical on black background


Small size tune sheet,
yellow background,
treble clef


Gelber Hintergrund, Trachtendamen, yellow background, ladies with a national costume

Ziehharmonika-Spieler, player of a concertina
British boxes by Tallent ()  
stella ()

Red background

Yellow gold double framed