Grandfather´s Clock/
Coming through the Rye
N° V 44621

Maker: PVF (Paillard Vaucher Frères)

1: The Men of Harlech
2: Comin´ Throgh the Rye

Pearl shield is lifting slightly at the edges. Appears to be Rosewood with different veneer to he lid. (Walnut?)
There is a sliding glass cover over the mechanism accessed by lifting up a section of the wooden enclosure. The end of the glass cover is rough/uneven.

The Box is 105 mm x 80 mm, and 58 mm in height.

The mechanism can be lifted out of the box, and is not mounted to the base. The fixings are within the box along with what seems to be the original key. The cylinder seems intact with no missing pins and plays well.

Ebay 2023 Nov 6