N° 103857
Orchestral Movement by Mermod Frères from a 'Station' Musical Box, c. 1890

Playing ten airs accompanied by drum, six bells (five with was insect strikers), replacement castanet and paddles for two dancing dolls (missing), with 74 teeth in three combs (all complete, one neatly spliced tooth in the castanet comb), zither attachment, nickel-plated movement, crank-wind spring with crank, tune-selector, parachute safety check and patent plaque to December 1890, approx. dimensions including percussion instruments wd. 23 ¼ x dp. 9 ½ in. (59 x 24 cm), cylinder 13 in. (33.5 cm), without stop / start or coin-activation controls, governor noisy but movement overall in apparently good playing condition. Included with the movement is an original glazed cabinet door with sound-fret, coin-slot, hinges and ebonized pilasters, wd. 26 ½ x ht. 24 ½ in. (67 x 62 cm).