Emile-Maurice Bühler-Margot (1946 – 1975, St. Croix)

Emile-Maurice Bühler-Margot & Louis Bühler (May 1947 – Sept. 1947, Auberson)

“Emile-Maurice Bühler-Margot was one of those enterprising and ingenious mechanics who threw himself into the music box adventure at the end of the Second World War. He created his company on 8th April 1946, and set up his workshop in the Rue des Gittaz with just one employee and several home workers. On 8th May oft he following year, he registered another company, in partnership with Louis Bühler in L´Auberson, for the production of music boxes. It only lasted four months and was taken over by Emile Bühler.”

1952/1953 collaboration with C.-E. Matthey

“In 1952 and 1953, he had business contacts with Charles-Emile Matthey in Vuiteboeuf, to whom he supplied materials to allow the latter to put on the market the first movements under his own name, and to carry on this type of business. Needless to say, the Sainte-Croix manufacturers were up in arms and did not welcome this new competition at all.”

Until 1954 in St. Croix, then until 1975 Yverdon

“Bühler´s workshop in Sainte-Croix survived until 1954, during which period many small companies moved away from the village. He set up shops in Yverdon, in the Avenue Kiener, where he kept up music box production for some years. His company was struck off the register on 25th June 1975.”

(Compare Piguet, Faiseurs, (1996), p. 281, see Piguet, Music Box Makers, 2004, p. 203)

A modern maker of small cheap musical boxes.
Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 297

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