Barnett Samuel

Barnett Samuel & Sons

Barnett Samuel & Sons, 1832 (musical instrument agents and wholesalers) – ~1900, then DECCA

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32-36, Worship Street, London, E.C. Founded as early as 1832, Barnett Samuel was a musical instrument agent and wholesaler. Musical boxes were handled and these carried the distinctive agents´ tune sheet of the firm which included its trade mark – a triangle and striker crossed, the initials B.S. within and the word `Dulcet´ below.

Barnett Samuel, Agent

This mark seems to have been used from about the turn of the century onwards. Barnett Samuel was an early agent for the Britannia disc machine. From early on, Barnett Samuel was closely involved in the gramophone and record business and ultimately became the Decca Gramophone Company. Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 292

Siehe unbedingt ein weiteres Tunesheet mit dem royal coat of arms, das auf Samuel Barnett hindeutet