Unbekannte Druckerei, die mit dem Design eines tune sheets die Künstler Schaefort und A. H. beauftragt haben

Spieldosen / music boxes
No. 6693 (Bulleid 116); No. 8006 (Bulleid 117)

No. 6693

No. 8006

Close up of the bottom left corner

Fig. 30-2. The tune sheet serial numbers were 6693 and 8006 respectively, circa 1880. They were printed in black on brown and white, her in black on white. The name oft he designer was embedded in the picture, shown in the enlargement in red, not black: `E. Schaefeort´and `A.H.´. One was sold by London agent Geo. Baker. The serial numbers and their dates are a close fit for E & A Paillard. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/2, Fig. 30/2)