(Wilhelm) Meyer Lutz, *1829, †1903, was a German-born British composer and conductor who is best known for light music, musical theatre and burlesques of well-known works

Emigrating to the UK in 1848, Lutz started as an organist and soon became a theatrical conductor in London. After serving from 1850 to 1855 as music director of the Surrey Theatre, Lutz conducted touring opera companies and composed some serious music and music for the Christy Minstrels. In 1869, he was engaged as the music director of the Gaiety Theatre. where he wrote a dozen or more operatic burlesques.

Faust Up To Date (1888). The best known comedy of Lutz, and most often to be seen on the colorful tune sheets of late cylinder boxes, with its notable air Pas de quatre.

Lutz was usually credited simply as Meyer Lutz
Switzerland musíc box 15228; Mermod No. 70771

Carmen Up To Date (1890), another burlesque.

Cinder-Ellen Up Too Late (1891).

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