Ungemarktes unnummeriertes Schweizer Spielwerk, Nr. 2789,
7 Sektionen à 10 Zungen um 1820, Kette und Schnecke

23 x 8 x 10 cm, fine fruitwood box with dove-tailed construction (of the box, not of the comb).


The bottom of the case has ink inscription indicating that the case was restored in 1859 by B.A. Bremond.

Another inked inscription on the bottom of the case indicates the serial number and the name of three tunes:


La rose blanche (Pierre Gaveau, 1768–1825, La rose blanche et la rose rouge, 1899)
Valse de Ch (maybe Cherubini?)
Cavatine de Tancredi de Rossini

Shown and described in History of Musical Box and of Mechanical Music by Alfred Chapuis, page 199, picture 186, with the notation „This is an experimental model“.

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