Alle vier dominierende Ecken des Musikzettels sind motivisch ähnlich oder spiegelbildlich gleich

Kapitel 15

( Spielwerk / musical movement)

Mandoline, [interchangeable], 6 Cylindres

Fig. 30-39. Interchangeable movements rarely have tune sheets with the tunes listed for each cylinder. The unknown maker for this 6-Air cylinder example is for a standard 13-inch cylinder with 101 comb teeth. The latest tune is 1862 when `God bless the Prince of Wales`(Welsh: Ar Dywysog Gwlad y Bryniau) was written to mark the occasion of the marriage of the future King Edward VII, the then Prince of Wales, to Alexandra of Denmark. The song was first performed at the Caernarfon Eisteddfod of 1862. The words were written by the poet John Ceiriog Hughes and the music by Henry Brinley Richards. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/13, Fig. 30-39)