Nr. 5247

Noten als Motiv einer Musiktafel

Fig. 30-26.
About 1830s. These tunes are from the 1830s for a 6-Air movement serial number 5247, with a 10 ┬╝ inch long cylinder and comb with 164 `hooked┬┤ teeth. Extremely close surface pinning provides almost two minutes playing time for the first tune, Overture de la Muette (La Muette de Portici, an opera by Auber). The next 5 airs are two per turn. Hooked tooth tips indicate one of the Lecoultre brothers, David or Henri and the closest fit is for David Lecoultre. ( Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/8, Fig. 30/26)