Music sheet with a Swiss cross top center in a Paillard music box with 3 dolls

The three dolls, two girls and one boy, are dressed in gaily-colored costumes. When the music box plays, the boy (in the middle) turns from right to left and left to right admiring first one and then the other girl doing a dance. The girls „dance“ turning to right and left and sometimes compleately around. The girldolls´ hair is human hair, one blonde and the other auburn. The dolls dance the entire time the music plays. The six bells are gold-plated or brass. Dolls are 3 ½ inches high; the cylinder is 11 inches long. The music box plays eight selections, and is 24 ½ inches long, 12 ½ inches deep and 12 inches high. It bears no maker´s name, but on the dial appear: Spiel (play); Still (stop); Wechselt (change); Wiederholt (repeat). (Mosoriak p. 170-171 a,b)