Besonders große Schwarzwälder Uhren or Large Chalets of Switzerland

Spielwerke / movements

Big Black Forest Clock; Large Cuckoo clock; Baker Troll & Co; Brémond 14480; Gämse mit Rehkitz

Big Black Forest Clock

Movement without maker's mark

Approx. h. 44", w. 30", d. 14"

Large well carved Swiss C.V. Bergen Black Forest clock and cylinder music box, 19th century, surmounted by a group of three stags on a rocky outcropping, the face with Roman numerals and two foxes crouching below in a naturalistic setting, the case signed "C.V. Bergen & Co./Interlaken", the mechanism stamped "Leuenberger/Interlaken" and "775"

mechanism stamped "Leuenberger/Interlaken


Large Cuckoo clock, 160 cm high

Greatest bass tooth

By Courtesy of Mr. Jörg Spott

Baker Troll & Co [1]

16.5 inches x 21.75 inches x 10.75 inches

Gämse und Rehkitz auf dem Deckel einer Schweizer Spieldose

21 ½" Zylinder. 12 Melodien. Geschnitztes Schwarzwälder Gehäuse mit einer geschnitzten Gämse mit Rehkitz unter einem Baum

Höhe: 60,96 cm (24 in) Breite: 96,52 cm (38 in) Tiefe: 38,1 cm (15 in)

2022 November