Junghans (vereinigte Uhrenfabriken Gebr. Junghans & Thomas Haller A.-G.)

Schramberg, Württemberg, Black Forest, Germany. Clockmaking business founded by Erhard Junghans in 1861. Produced two types of disc-playing musical clocks, one having the disc played on the front of the works beneath the clockface; the other on top of the clock horizontally under a hinged lid. Junghand discs appear all to have been 4 ½ inc. (11.5 cm) in diameter and all bear the trademark of an eight-pointed star, the points of which touch an enclosing circle with the name Junghans and the letter `J´ inside the star. Symphonion also made clocks of this type, which used the same mechanism and the identical discs, but bearing the name and marks of Symphonion. (Ord-Hume, Musical Boxes, p. 307)

Um 1930 wurden (fast schon etwas anachronistisch) Spieldosen mit auswechselbaren Walzen angeboten – und auch verkauft.

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